Before taking a trip to a different country, it is recommended to review your insurance coverage. Many travelers do not know about their existing coverage so they end up spending money on travel insurance unnecessarily. Often, credit card companies provide travel coverage if you use the card to purchase the hotel or tickets, so you can inquire about your coverage from your credit card company.  

If you are in an accident when in a different country, remain calm, take care of the injured parties and move off the road. Having taken care of immediate safety concerns, take care of your financial interests. Call the police and relay the information about an accident to them. Take photos of the other driver’s license, license plate, and insurance, make notes at the scene, and have a copy of your insurance at hand in case someone would like to look at it. In some places, police may ask to inspect your phone, in order to check if you were texting when driving. Call your insurance company and relay the information to them; discuss with them the need for help with medical expenses or getting a new car if needed. Be polite and cooperative and do not apologize for the accident or admit liability, because such statements can be used against you. If the police generate a report, ask to have a copy of it.

If you received injuries as a result of an accident, be ready to pay the medical expenses and be reimbursed later. Making a claim in another country can be very difficult, and if you would like to know the exact procedures for filing the claim outside of your country, do not hesitate to contact your insurance provider directly. Being informed can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you receive from your insurance company, so prepare to research the necessary information about your coverage before your trip.