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Keeping up with your growing business, including managing risks and exposures and ensuring business property and employee safety, can be overwhelming. Having proper insurance protection for your dealership is essential for successful operations of your business. We at Team Insurance collaborate with multiple carriers nationwide and deliver insurance quotes from the most reputable insurance providers.

Any business that handles customers’ vehicles has to have Garage Liability Insurance in addition to Commercial Liability Insurance coverage. Businesses such as car dealerships will need to have garage liability insurance because their general liability policy does not cover bodily injury and property damage resulting from garage operations. Garage liability coverage fills in the gap and protects car dealership owners in the event of accidents occurring on premises.

commercial auto and car dealer insurance

Things to consider:

Car dealerships face many risks and exposures on a day-to-day basis. Having expensive inventory and interacting with customers at the shop makes car dealerships exposed to many possible issues. Good garage insurance can make a difference between continuing successful operations and losing your business assets due to lawsuits.

Small business owners that apply for Garage and Car Dealer insurance should also consider the following insurance solutions:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance – This coverage is the basic part of the insurance strategy of a business owner. The coverage will protect you against lawsuits and financial liabilities resulting from building damage and other accidents.
  • BOP (Business Owners Policy) – The policy provides protection from more than basic liability concerns. BOP allows you to combine the necessary coverages in one comprehensive policy. You can customize your BOP to include additional coverage options, such as property protection, business income interruption, identity theft, cyber liability, and more.
  • Workers Compensation – Protect your employees with Workers Compensation coverage, which is required by law in most businesses. The policy can help you pay for the portion of medical expenses or lost wages of an injured employee.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance – Owning a car dealership, you drive vehicles as a part of your business operations. Adding Commercial Auto Insurance policy to your Garage Liability will protect your drivers and vehicles.  
  • Garagekeepers Legal Liability – If your car dealership performs any kind of repair work on the vehicles not owned by your business, purchasing Garagekeepers Legal Liability Insurance will protect your customers’ vehicles when you are keeping them at your location for performing a service.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Bodily Injury

In the event somebody injures themselves at your car dealership, be it a simple fall or a more serious injury, the policy will protect your business.

Property Damage

The policy offers protection in the event somebody’s property is damaged at your dealership.