Churches and Houses of Worship Insurance

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At first glance, you do not think of a church or house of worship as a business entity. Working with people and helping them get in touch with their spirituality is your priority. As the owner of a church or a place of worship, you might not realize that it needs as much protection as other business entities. This is because churches often perform other functions than being houses of worship. Churches can host meetings and community gatherings, act as daycare or preschool facilities, offer counseling services, and others.

The risks and exposures churches face as business entities are similar to other businesses and include theft, damage, accidents, and potential lawsuits. To manage their liability exposures, places of worship should consider purchasing a Business Insurance policy customized to protect them from specific risks and exposures. We at Team Insurance browse insurance solutions from multiple carriers nationwide and will provide you with best insurance rates from the most reputable providers in the country.

Churches and Houses of Worship Insurance

Things to Consider:

Churches and houses of worship can purchase a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy), which includes several coverages under one insurance policy and can protect the entity from multiple exposures. A BOP is customizable so you can have it tailored to your specific business needs.

To make sure your church or house of worship is protected from a wide array of exposures, consider purchasing the following coverages:

  • Commercial Liability – This liability coverage will protect you from damage to property of others or physical injuries resulting from the operations of your church or place of worship.
  • Professional Liability – As a provider of services, particularly counseling, having Professional Liability coverage will protect you in the event of claims related to errors or omissions in professional practice.
  • Workers Compensation – Required by law in most businesses, this coverage protects your employees in the event of work-related injuries. The policy will pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation, and related medical expenses.
  • Commercial Property – Provides coverage for a variety of buildings, such as the main building and related structures, landscaping, and personal business property.
  • Commercial Auto – If you or your employees operate vehicles for work, the coverage will provide protection in the event of an accident.

Fully protecting your religious institution is your main goal when selecting the right insurance policy. Speak to one of our representatives, and we’ll be happy to browse insurance policies from the most reputable providers in the industry to help you find the best solution for the needs of your church or house of worship.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Employee Practices Liability

This coverage offers protection in the event of a claim related to alleged discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination.

Ordinance or Law Insurance

In the event the property of your church or house of worship is damaged in an accident and does not meet local building codes, this coverage will pay for the costs to bring the building up to the standards.

Religious Freedom Insurance

This coverage will protect your church from claims against discrimination.

Valuable Records and Papers

In an event of loss of valuable records and papers in a covered accident, the policy will pay the costs to research, restore, or replace the lost information.