Commercial Property Insurance

Protect your company with commercial property insurance from Team Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is designed to protect the property of your business in the event of a covered loss. Many business owners consider purchasing this along with their Business Insurance. Depending on the terms of your insurance policy, it may protect the property in the event of theft, natural disasters, and other accidents. Your insurance policy will protect your building and the physical assets, regardless of whether you lease an office, own a commercial building, or even run your business from home.

We at Team Insurance understand that ensuring the future of your business is extremely important for its development, and this is why Commercial Property Insurance will be a great investment. Some important aspects that your insurance will protect include your building, outdoor sign, inventory, equipment, furniture, and the property of others. Some examples of the accidents covered by Commercial Property Insurance include a storm damaging your outdoor sign, a fire destroying your building and its contents, or a burst water pipe ruining your valuable documents and papers.

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Things to Consider:

Your business is unique and your needs are changing over time. That’s why we at Team Insurance work with multiple carriers nationwide to deliver you the best insurance solutions fully customized to meet your business needs. Savvy business owners are aware that an accident like storm or fire can severely damage your business’s property and prevent the business from operating for an extended period of time. With a comprehensive Commercial Property Insurance plan, you have the assistance and financial support to recover quickly.

Basic Commercial Property Insurance policies will cover losses from fire, explosion, theft, vandalism, or damage from vehicles. Customized insurance policy will help you add that extra layer of protection and get coverage in the event of an earthquake, glass breakage, and more. The Commercial Property Insurance plans will cover your property based on actual cash value (ACV) or replacement cost (RC):

  • Actual cash value is the amount needed to replace your damaged property with new one of similar quality and style, less deprecation.
  • Replacement cost is the amount required for repairs, replacement, or rebuilding of the property on the same premises, using comparable quality and materials without any deductions for deprecation.

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Looking for Commercial Property Insurance on your own can be overwhelming. Get in touch with us today to receive your fully customized insurance quote. Discover the different coverage options and see how we can make a difference in your life!

Popular Coverage Options:

Builders Risk Insurance

The policy covers the new buildings under construction with the coverage for the full value of completed building.

Building Ordinance and Law

The policy will pay for the costs of repairs or replacement of the damaged or destroyed property in order to meet local ordinances and laws.


If the property is damaged by earthquake or volcanic eruption, the policy will cover the losses. Deductible is usually calculated based on a percentage of property value.

Business Income

The policy covers the lost income in the event business property is damaged or destroyed. It typically covers rental income, payroll, and other expenses.


In the event the property is damaged or destroyed due to flooding, the policy will pay for the damages. The coverage is backed by the National Flood Insurance Program.

Equipment Breakdown

The policy will pay for the damages caused by mechanical and electrical equipment through breakdowns, explosions, and electrical arcing.

Inflation Guard

After a loss, the Inflation Guard adjusts property value to cover increased costs of construction after inflation.

Utility Services Direct Damage

The policy will pay for the losses caused by the failure of utilities, such as water main break, power outage, or natural gas transmission interruption.