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Lawn care and landscaping services involve the use of power tools, and like with any other business where you operate equipment, there is always a risk of accidents and injuries. As an example, if you are working for a client and accidentally damage their property, you will have to pay for the damages. In another scenario, you may have unhappy customers who will claim that your work was not done professionally, or something may happen to your expensive equipment and you will need to get a replacement.

There are more things that can go wrong, but this is a general idea. Before your business begins its operations, make sure you have a comprehensive Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance in place. If your services include installing sprinkler systems, weeding gardens, landscaping, winterizing irrigation systems, and operating heavy equipment, General Liability Insurance will be a good place to start in order to protect your business against potential risks.

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Whether your business works with residential owners or commercial customers, Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance can safeguard you in the event of claims against your company. Operating heavy equipment may lead to bodily injury or property damage related accidents, and a good General Liability Policy can cover the costs of damages, along with your legal defense in the event of a lawsuit.   

Both sole proprietors and companies hiring employees will benefit greatly from Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance. Your employees can suffer from work-related injuries, in which case Workers Compensation Insurance can protect your investment. And if you are a sole proprietor, you can lose not only your whole business but also your personal assets in the event someone sues you for damages and you do not carry insurance.

Having the right insurance policy will protect your business while also showing to your clients that you are a serious professional they can rely on. However, choosing the right type of insurance can be overwhelming, and that’s why Team Insurance is here to help. Our experienced professionals who specialize in Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance will browse customized quotes from multiple carriers nationwide to deliver the best insurance solutions for your business.


Things to Consider:

There are several things to consider while shopping for Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance. Because your business offers specialized services, it requires an individual approach when designing the policy to match your needs.

To make sure you choose the right coverage, consider first the value of your business and the limits of your policy. Large businesses worth millions of dollars should have much larger liability limits compared to small businesses, in case of a major claim against them.

Once you have defined your desired policy limits, consider your deductible. How much can you pay out of pocket in the event of a claim? If you go with a higher deductible, you will have lower insurance premiums; however, you will also have to pay more if something happens. Try to find a policy that offers both lower premiums and lower deductibles.

Some insurance companies offer discounts if you choose to pay your policy in full instead of paying it in monthly installments. If your budget allows, pay annually, and if not, look for insurance providers that do not charge extra if you decide to pay monthly.

And lastly, think about the type of insurance your business requires apart from liability coverage. Many insurance companies offer comprehensive coverage via Business Owners Policy, choosing which may also result in saving on your insurance.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Bodily Injury Liability

In the event your client or another person is injured as a result of you performing your work operations, they may file a lawsuit against you. If such an accident happens, the policy will cover the costs of the injured party’s medical expenses and the costs of your legal defense, up to your liability limits.

Property Damage Liability

If as a result of your work, the customer’s property is damaged, the insurance policy will pay for the costs of repair or replacement of the damaged property, along with the costs of your legal defense, in the event of a lawsuit, up to your liability limits.

Business Owners Policy

The coverage for commercial buildings, personal property, and General Liability Insurance are combined into one comprehensive Business Owners Policy. This option is particularly relevant if you are looking to save on your insurance rates by combining several coverages into one policy.

Personal Injury Liability

Working with people always involves certain risks. For example, if one of your workers talks about the client in a bad way, the client could sue your company for slander. In the event of such an incident, the coverage will pay the costs of subsequent claim and your legal defense, up to your liability limits.

Workers Compensation

Any business that employs people must have Workers Compensation Insurance. This is the type of coverage required by the law and one which protects your business if your employees are injured while performing their work duties. Especially because landscaping professionals operate heavy equipment, it is worth purchasing the policy to protect your company against the risks.

Commercial Umbrella

In the event your primary Liability Insurance limits are not enough to cover the costs of the claim, Commercial Umbrella coverage will extend the policy limits. You should consider this coverage as an extra layer of protection in the event a covered accident was to happen.

How to Get the Best Lawn Care and Landscape Insurance?

Know the needs and risks of your business

You are the person who knows your business best, but insurance risks can arise in many situations. Do you use heavy tools to perform your job? Do you hire employees? Operate vehicles for work purposes? Carry expensive equipment? These are just a few of the questions that you can think of.

Determine the basic coverage your business needs and then add endorsements to your policy. First, you need General Liability coverage in case your client is injured or their property is damaged as a result of your work. Second, you also need protection if your equipment is damaged because of external factors. Next, if you operate vehicles for work, you need a Commercial Auto Insurance in the event of accidents involving your vehicles. And last but not least, your business needs Workers Compensation, if you hire employees, to protect your investment in case of a work-related employee injury.

Learn the ins and out of your policy

While insurance carries certainly can give you information about your policy at your request, later on, it is best for you to learn the ins and outs of your insurance coverage before signing anything. Know your coverages, liability limits, exclusions, and always check the fine print. There are many instances which you may believe are covered by your policy, when in reality they are not.

By familiarizing yourself with your insurance policy, you will know if there are any gaps in coverage and whether your coverage limits are high enough to meet the needs of your business. Our independent agents at Team Insurance will be happy to assess your needs and risks and answer any questions you may have about your insurance policy.

Choose quality over quantity

Insuring your business is an expensive matter, but since it is so important to have adequate coverage, do not go for the cheapest policies. Yes, reputable carriers usually charge more for their policies, but they also provide the best coverage on the market. In the event of a covered claim, everything you have built your business with will be at stake if your insurance is not good enough.

Base your decision on the amount and quality of coverage instead of choosing the cheapest policy. You can reach out to your chosen insurance carrier and inquire them if they offer any discounts on policies. Moreover, if your business is eligible for a Business Owners Policy, you can get a discounted rate on General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance, which are part of the policy.

It is better to over- than underinsure

When it comes to any type of insurance, it is better to overestimate your coverage needs. If someone ever sues your business, there will be a lot of money involved, from legal defense to settlement costs. As a result, everything your insurance offers will come in handy. If you are uncertain whether your coverage limits are enough in case of a lawsuit, consider purchasing Commercial Umbrella Insurance, which will extend the coverage limits of your General Liability Insurance.

Shop around

The best way to get adequate coverage that matches the needs of your business and protects from all insurance risks you are exposed to is to shop for insurance across multiple carriers. When you work with independent agents at Team Insurance, we browse insurance quotes from some of the most reputable insurance providers across the US. This way, we offer tailored insurance solutions customized to meet your business requirements.

What Do We Cover?

Lawn Care

Lawn care business owners have to carry at least basic insurance coverage in order to protect their assets in the event of errors, injuries, property damage, and lawsuits against their company. Help your customers trust you and improve your reputation with the right policy for your business.


Lawn mowing has become a popular small business for entrepreneurs, and having the right type of insurance will help protect their important investment. Depending on the range of services you offer, consider a specialized insurance plan for small businesses offering lawn maintenance.


Landscaping projects typically require heavy equipment and dangerous chemicals, which can expose your business to unique risks, in addition to the risks associated with business ownership. Arborists, landscapers, landscape architects, landscape designers, and other landscape professionals will benefit from personalized insurance policies for landscaping services.  

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is a popular service among homeowners. Professional tree trimmers know about the hazards of damaged, dying, or dead trees and branches. Providing quality tree trimming services in a safe environment is important for both your business and your clients, and that is why tailored insurance solutions for tree trimming services work best to protect your assets.

Sprinkler Systems

For homeowners, having sprinkler systems installed on their property is an important investment, not only in the aesthetic sense, but also in terms of utilizing water resources more efficiently. Just as specialized training is required for you to be able to advise your client and install the right sprinkler system, so does your business need specialized insurance coverage to safeguard it from various risks and exposures.

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