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If one of your tenants, their employees, or even their clients receives an injury or sustains property damage while on premises, you could be held liable. Your Commercial Liability Insurance will not cover the injuries that happen from people’s interactions with your leased property, so you have to add the extra layer of protection to secure your business. Lessor’s Risk Insurance is designed to help cover you as the property owner in the event of these types of losses. Without a lessor’s policy or without adequate coverage tailored to specific needs of your business, you could owe large sums of money resulting from claims and lawsuits.

Being a property owner comes with many responsibilities. Even if you have the best safeguards and practices in place, there might still be things that can go wrong. If you rent or lease commercial space to a business, you have to consider the potential liability issues that could take place, particularly if the business that rents your property employs manufacturing and heavy equipment.

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Things to Consider:

Basic Lessor’s Risk Insurance policy does not include damages resulting from pollution or contamination. However, most insurance carriers give you the opportunity to add these coverages to your policy. Contact our experienced insurance agents at Team Insurance who will be happy to assist you with any questions you might have regarding the specific needs of your business and the policies available to meet them.

Since Lessor’s Risk Insurance is a form of commercial coverage, and not personal, you will probably not find that many options for bundling or discounts. However, if your insured property is classified as “low risk”, meaning that you agree to maintain a certain occupancy rate or oversee property maintenance, many insurance carriers will provide discounts for your business.

Our experienced agents will take into account the risks and exposures your business may face and based on that will discover the best lessor’s risk policy with the appropriate coverage limits to make sure your business is protected in the event of a loss. Depending on the coverage limits, your Lessor’s Risk Insurance policy may protect you in the following events:

  • Theft of the property belonging to your tenant or your tenant’s customer;
  • Vandalism of the property belonging to your tenant or your tenant’s customer;
  • Litigation expenses from processes and lawsuits;
  • Replacement or repair of tenant’s belongings;
  • Financial assistance in the event of injury on premises.

Keep in mind that Lessor’s Risk Insurance only covers specific liability claims. As a business owner, you should make sure your business has comprehensive coverage to protect it from variety of losses. Consider purchasing Commercial Liability Insurance for general liability concerns, Commercial Property Insurance to protect the property of your business, Commercial Auto Insurance in case you operate vehicles for work, and Workers Compensation to ensure protection of your employees.

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Popular Coverage Options:


Is somebody is injured at your premises, regardless of whether it is a simple slip or fall, or a major injury leading to dismemberment or death, the liability coverage will cover the injured individual and subsequent claims and lawsuits against your company.

Property Damage

In the event a property loss occurs on the premises, such as damage to somebody’s vehicle, the property damage coverage will protect your business.