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Limousine Insurance is a type of Passenger Transportation Insurance or livery coverage that protects limousines, party buses, trolleys, black cars, and other vehicles that are operating on a for-hire basis. Whether you are transporting party guests or driving an executive to a conference, your customers rely on your business to provide reliable services. Apart from dealing with traffic demands and important clients, you need to make sure that your limousine is back in business quickly if a problem arises.

Getting into a road accident without carrying adequate insurance coverage leaves you and your drivers exposed to liability claims. A Limo Insurance policy is the sure way to safeguard your operations and protect your business and your employees. Commercial Auto Insurance specifically designed to match the needs of limo services will protect your passengers and prevent you from losing your assets as a result of a large liability claim.  

State requirements for your coverage vary from $100,000 and up to $1,500,000 in liability. However, businesses involving passenger transportation carry a great deal of responsibility for the well-being of their clients. As a result, we recommend having a liability coverage of at least $1,000,000.

Limousine Insurance or livery insurance specifics will vary based on the type of business you own. If you are a sole proprietor, your quote will differ from that of an owner of a fleet of cars or vans. If you hire drivers and own a fleet of cars, your insurance rates will depend on the size of your company, your fleet, and the number of drivers.

Companies that hire drivers also have different state regulations compared to owner-operators, including additional coverage for bodily injury, property damage, employment liability, and worker’s compensation. Consult with our representative at Team Insurance to learn about your state regulations and receive a customized policy tailored to match the specific needs of your business. We work with multiple insurance carriers nationwide to deliver the best results to our clients.

Types of Limo Insurance We Offer:

Limousine Insurance

Different insurance companies have different requirements for insurance and rating factors. These include, but are not limited to, vehicle’s make and model, length, age, and minimum coverage limits and deductibles. Apart from that, your state or states of operation may have additional requirements, so check with your local DMV or consult a licensed independent agent at Team Insurance to learn more.

Luxury vehicles are expensive to insure, and insurance premiums for limousine operators are high, ranging between $5,000 and $10,000 per vehicle per year. The cost of limousine insurance will depend on your vehicle’s size, value, location, coverage needs, accident history, limits and deductibles, your business type and experience, and driver history. For example, if you drive your vehicle in a large city, your insurance rate will be much higher compared to a suburban area, and vice versa.  

Party Bus Insurance

Insurance for party buses is complex, but it is essential to prevent costly claims in the event of an accident. Even if your business has only the most experienced drivers operating your party buses, you cannot predict what could happen to the passengers inside the moving vehicle while they are enjoying their time. If somebody falls and gets injured, this can result in a claim against your business. It is a good idea to carry a comprehensive insurance policy because many things can happen on the road.

Safeguard your business operations with coverages such as Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability to protect bystanders and other vehicles, Medical Payments to protect your passengers, and Workers Compensation to protect your drivers.

Consider higher liability limits on your policy. In the passenger transportation business, providing reliable services is the key to your success, and comprehensive insurance policies act as proof of that reliability.

Trolley Insurance

If you own or operate trolleys for sightseeing tours, you need the right kind of Passenger Transportation Insurance to secure your business operations and well-being of your passengers. Because your business involves transporting people, your insurance policy should go beyond basic or mandatory coverage.

Riding a trolley is a fun experience, but if your drivers or passengers are not careful, accidents may happen. Choose the right policy with high limits of Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, along with adequate Medical Payments coverage, to protect your vehicle, your passengers, and people outside of your trolley. If you are not sure about adequate liability limits or would like to know more about coverage options, speak to one of our licensed independent agents at Team Insurance.

How Do You Save on Limousine Insurance?

Choose experienced drivers with a clean driving record

While it is difficult to find qualified drivers with experience in operating commercial vehicles, having them on your roster will result in lower insurance premiums. When your insurance provider sees only experienced drivers on your roster, they will consider you a less risky client, offering you a lower rate as a result.

Maintain a good credit score

One of the most crucial factors when determining your insurance premiums is your credit score. There is a large difference between the costs of insurance for people with a high credit score compared to those with lower scores. Thus, maintaining a good credit record is a sure way to save on your Limousine Insurance.

Increase your deductible

If your company has hired experienced drivers with an excellent record, you may want to increase your deductible on physical damage coverage to save on insurance costs. Higher deductibles mean lower premiums, but also higher out-of-pocket costs if an accident was to happen, so think carefully.

Encourage drivers’ education – have them take a safe driving course

Driving safety is essential, especially when it comes to passenger transportation. A solid safety plan works to protect your drivers and your clients from accidents, all the while reducing the cost of your insurance. Include driving at night, defensive driving, driving in inclement weather, and driving in unsafe areas.

Avoid claims

It is very important to have experienced drivers and a comprehensive safety program. Luxury passenger transportation vehicles are already expensive to insure, but after just one claim, the cost of your premiums will become much higher. As a result, driving responsibly and avoiding claims is the best way to prevent increases in your insurance costs.

Pay in full or pay a higher deposit

Often, insurance providers offer discounts on your policy if you choose to pay the premiums in full or a higher sum of the deposit upfront. Instead of paying your bill monthly, choose a speedy bill payment option.

Look out for discounts on your Limousine Insurance

Bundle several policies from the same insurance provider and look for discounts to save on your Limousine Insurance. You can speak to your carrier directly or consult a licensed independent agent at Team Insurance for deals on limousine coverage.

Shop around

Insurance policies are different, and so are insurance providers. Some specialize in personal insurance lines, such as Home Insurance, while others excel in commercial policies. Some have the best Auto Insurance policies on the market, while others offer the best property coverage. Do not simply go with the first policy you find. Do your research and find out what insurance carrier can deliver the most comprehensive coverage that meets your needs and budget. Our experienced agents at Team Insurance will browse multiple insurance providers across the US to find you the best customized insurance policy.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Bodily Injury Liability

Whether or not this coverage is required by the law in the state where you operate, having a bodily injury liability insurance is a must in the event your drivers are at fault in an accident. The policy will cover legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit against your company, along with immediate medical costs.

Property Damage Liability

If your drivers are at fault for property damaged caused while being on the job, the coverage will pay for the damages, along with legal expenses in the event of a lawsuit against your company.

Medical Payments

In the event of an accident involving your limousine, party bus, or trolley, the insurance policy will cover the expenses required to treat injured parties, including hospital bills, lost wages, and rehabilitation expenses.


The policy will pay for the damages to your vehicle as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object.


This coverage protects your vehicle in the event of damages resulting from an accident other than collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail, and other.

Workers Compensation

This coverage will protect your company in the event one of your drivers is injured on the job. In many states, Workers Compensation is required by the law.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

This coverage is often underestimated, but there are still many drivers who do not carry insurance or carry inadequate coverage. Your insurance policy will protect you in the event you or your drivers are in an accident caused by a driver without insurance or without enough insurance to pay the costs.

Employment Practices Liability

Add this coverage for your drivers to protect your company if one of your employees accuses you of discrimination, sexual harassment, or wrongful termination.