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Every day, non-profit organizations and their leaders juggle various responsibilities, from engaging volunteers and finding donors to fulfill the mission of an organization, to managing tight budgets. Many non-profits are devoted to a single cause that takes up all their time and attention, and they may overlook the need to identify and protect against exposures and risks that could leave the organization and its members exposed. That’s why we at Team Insurance work with multiple insurance carriers nationwide to help you in choosing the right policy to meet the needs of your non-profit organization.

Any business or organization may encounter risks associated with its members, employees, fraud, data breaches, and many other exposures. Vendors, competitors, donors, governmental authorities, and employees – the claims can come from any of these parties. Having a correct Non-Profit Insurance policy will help you protect your organization and its valuable assets.

non profit insurance

Things to Consider:

Customizing your insurance policies will allow you to include coverage for volunteers, medical professionals, and independent contractors working with your organization. Some of the volunteering, social services, and non-profit organizations that can benefit from purchasing Non-Profit Insurance include:

  • Counseling services
  • Mental health institutions
  • Special needs schools
  • Professional organizations
  • Educational societies
  • Community health establishments
  • Historical societies
  • Fundraising organizations
  • Shelters for elderly, homeless, teens, and families

Your first step in searching for insurance is to work with our licensed agents who have extensive experience working with non-profit organizations. A good insurance option for your non-profit will be purchasing a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy), which includes several coverages under one insurance policy and can protect the entity from multiple exposures. A BOP is customizable so you can have it tailored the specific needs of your organization.

Consider adding the following coverages as a part of your BOP:

  • Commercial LiabilityThis coverage will protect you from damage to property of others or physical injuries resulting from the operations of your non-profit organization.
  • Commercial PropertyProvides coverage for a variety of buildings, such as the main building and attached structures. You can customize the policy to add coverage for unattached structures, landscaping, and personal business property.
  • Commercial AutoIf you or your employees operate vehicles for work, the coverage will provide protection in the event of an accident.
  • Professional LiabilityIf your non-profit organization provides services or advice, like counseling, having Professional Liability coverage will protect you in the event of claims related to errors or negligence.


  • Commercial UmbrellaIf your other policies do not cover the accident to the full extent, Commercial Umbrella coverage will extend the liability limits.
  • Workers CompensationYour employees and volunteers need protection, too. In the event of an employee injury, this coverage will pay for medical expenses and lost wages.


Keeping in mind comprehensive coverage which will protect your non-profit organization from a wide array of risks and exposures is your main goal when selecting the right insurance policy. Speak to one of our representatives, and we’ll be happy to browse insurance policies from the most reputable providers in the industry to help you find the best solution for the needs of your non-profit organization.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Employee Benefit Liability

The coverage will protect your employees from errors in administration of your employee benefit program.

Equipment Breakdown

The coverage will protect your organization in the event of equipment breakdown due to motor burnout, operation errors, boiler malfunction, or power surges. The policy will pay for repairs or replacement of damaged equipment.

Sexual/Physical Misconduct Coverage

The coverage protects your organization in the event of claims related to alleged sexual misconduct or physical abuse.