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Pest control companies deal with toxic chemicals on a daily basis, which makes them a perfect target for claims and lawsuits. As a business owner, you are responsible for managing the needs of your customers and employees, but you are also responsible for their safety while performing your job. In order to ensure profitability of your business, you have to evaluate the risks and exposures it may face and get the appropriate type of Pest Control Insurance to protect your efforts and assets alike.

Apart from insurance risks common for every type of business, pest control companies have their unique risks and exposures. As a result, they need customized policies to ensure comprehensive coverage. That’s why our licensed independent agents at Team Insurance work with multiple carriers across the US in order to deliver the best solutions tailored to match individual needs of your pest control company.  

Many Pest Control Insurance providers offer customized enhancements designed specifically for pest control companies. These may include mold coverage, fumigation coverage, personal and advertising injury, medical payments, contractual liability, fire legal liability, pesticide and herbicide application, termite treatment and inspection, premises liability, job site pollution, and other endorsements.

Different situations may arise on the job, which is why having adequate coverage to protect against an array of risks is necessary. If your client’s premises cannot be used for business operations due to pest infestation, your Pest Control Insurance coverage could compensate for loss of income. Moreover, if pollution caused by the chemicals used by your business causes harm to your customers, the policy could pay for the damages in that case as well.  

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Exterminator Insurance

Exterminators, or fumigators, work to determine the types of pests and the most effective methods of their extermination. They eliminate pests by spraying toxic fumes or chemical solutions, or by placing poisons or traps in the areas of the client’s premises they consider appropriate for pest control or elimination. Typically, exterminators seal off the area infested with pests and release gases which permeate through all spaces and eliminate pests.

When performing operations using toxic chemicals, giving customers proper instructions regarding chemical exposure when the application is in process is crucial. Chemical leaks, spills, and residue may cause damage to the clients’ property and their health. Fumes from toxic gases can cause irritation of skin and eyes and contaminate food and surfaces. It is required to temporarily vacate property residents and also designate a waiting period after the application. Proper re-ventilation is required to replace gas fumes with fresh air.

Because of working with toxic chemicals at all times, exterminators are recommended to carry at least minimum coverage of General Liability Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Worker’s Compensation Insurance, and Commercial Auto Insurance. In the event the company uses a wrong extermination method, fails to provide necessary warnings, or does not follow-up after the extermination, a customer may file a claim against the business. Adequate insurance coverage will protect the company’s assets.

Things to Consider:

Most pest control companies purchase a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy), which includes several coverages under one insurance policy and can protect your business from multiple exposures. BOP is customizable, so you can have it tailored to your specific business needs. Depending on the policy, BOP can include:

  • Commercial Liability – Commercial Liability will protect your company against damage to property or physical injuries resulting from your business operations.
  • Workers CompensationThe coverage protects your employees in the event of minor or serious injuries. The policy will pay for medical expenses for treatment, hospital stay, and rehabilitation costs of an injured employee.
  • Commercial Property – Purchasing Commercial Property Insurance coverage as a part of your BOP will protect your business property in the event of a covered loss. Depending on your policy, the insurance may cover theft, accidents, natural disasters, and more.
  • Commercial AutoIf you or your employees operate vehicles for work, you should purchase Commercial Auto insurance policy to protect your vehicles and drivers.
  • Surety Bonds – The Surety Bonds secure the guarantee of performance of obligation or contract between the principal and obligee. If the performance does not meet the stated outcome, Surety Bonds will make the principal pay for the damages to obligee.

Customizing your BOP to match the needs of your business might seem overwhelming, but with the help of our licensed insurance agents at Team Insurance, you will be able to find coverage tailored to your specific business needs.

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Popular Coverage Options:

General Liability

This coverage is common for many business owners, as it protects your assets in the event of unforeseen claims and lawsuits. If someone sues your pest control company, the policy will pay the costs of legal defense.  

Professional Liability

Also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance, this coverage protects your company and your employees from being held liable for professional acts or omissions.

Excess Liability

Commercial Excess Liability Insurance is applied to situations where the costs of a claim against your business exceed your policy limits. Major losses and accidents, such as an employee injury or a large chemical spill, can cost more than typical limits on your primary policy allow.

Inland Marine

Also covered by Contractors’ Equipment Insurance, inland marine exposures are a result of contractors transporting equipment, supplies, and chemicals to their client’s premises. This coverage will protect against liability claims due to company’s equipment and its transportation.

Equipment Breakdown

The policy will cover the costs of repairs or replacement of damaged or broken equipment, for example, if the compressor for a pest control machine breaks down.

Business Income Interruption

In the event your company suffers a covered loss, after which it has to suspend or discontinue its business operations, the coverage will compensate for the lost income.

Products and Completed Operations

The potential losses resulting from the services you have rendered or products you have sold will be covered by the policy.

Valuable Papers

In the event of loss of valuable records and papers in a covered accident, the policy will pay the costs to research, restore, or replace the lost information.

Employee Dishonesty

Any company employing people should consider purchasing Employee Dishonesty coverage. It protects your company from fraud or theft committed by your employees.