Professional Liability Insurance

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If your business provides a professional service or gives advice to clients, consider purchasing Professional Liability Insurance. Also known as E&O (Errors and Omissions) Insurance, this coverage will protect your business in the event of mistakes or negligence related to a professional service. If the work does not meet client’s expectations, the policy will make sure you are protected against the claims.

Often, when small business enters into contract with a client, the client can request that the business has Professional Liability coverage. Businesses for which it is common to purchase Professional Liability Insurance include consultants, engineers, attorneys, architects, accountants, counselors, real estate agents, and many other professionals.

professional liability insurance

Things to Consider:

Your Professional Liability coverage can provide protection from claims for services provided in the past and anywhere in the world. The cost of your insurance depends on several factors, such as location of your business, number of employees, business type, and selected coverage limits. For example, a business with a small number of employees will have more exposure than a business with no employees, so its premiums can be higher. Contact our licensed agents today to receive your customized insurance quote. We at Team Insurance take into account the individual needs of your business and ensure personalized approach when choosing the best insurance policy for you.

It is important to understand that Professional Liability Insurance only covers the claims resulting from faults in a professional service or advice. Your business will still need to purchase Commercial Liability coverage to ensure protection against other claims.

What is the difference between Commercial Liability and Professional Liability?

Both insurance policies protect your business from the financial burdens caused by claims and lawsuits. The difference between the coverages is in the risk exposures they protect your business from. Commercial Liability will protect your business against damage to property or physical injuries resulting from your business operations. Professional Liability will cover negligence related to professional service or advice.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Defense Costs

When a covered claim is reported, the policy will provide legal defense.


If your business actually or allegedly made an error or omission when providing a professional service, including failure to deliver a service, omissions, or incorrect advice, the policy will protect your business.

Copyright Infringement

The policy will pay for the damages or claims expenses for copyright infringement.