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Restaurant owners face a number of risks and exposure on a day-to-day basis, including hot surfaces, many clients, and sharp knives. These risks are specific to the restaurant industry, but you also have to deal with the risks every small business owner might encounter, such as damages to property or business premises, or loss of important documents. That’s why Team Insurance works with multiple carriers nationwide to deliver Restaurant Insurance solutions specific to your needs as a restaurant owner and a business owner in general.

It is challenging enough to run a restaurant business, and you would not want to add to your routine such worries as loss of income, lawsuits, or property damage. Reducing these worries is a goal of adequate Restaurant Insurance coverage, so you can concentrate on your business and customers. All restaurants should have some type of Business Insurance coverage to stay protected. The examples of the different types of restaurant insurance may include bar, cafe, cafeteria, catering, diner, deli, food delivery, fast food, pizza restaurant, or lounge insurance.

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Things to Consider:

Most restaurants purchase a BOP (Business Owner’s Policy), which includes several coverages under one insurance policy and can protect your business from multiple exposures. BOP is customizable so you can have it tailored to your specific business needs. Depending on the policy, BOP can include:

  • Commercial Liability – Commercial Liability will protect your business against damage to property or physical injuries resulting from your business operations.
  • Workers CompensationThe coverage protects your employees in the event of minor or serious injuries. The policy will pay for medical expenses for treatment, hospital stay, and rehabilitation costs of an injured employee.
  • Commercial Property – Purchasing Commercial Property Insurance coverage as a part of your BOP will protect your business property in the event of a covered loss. Depending on your policy, the insurance may cover theft, accidents, natural disasters, and more.
  • Identity Theft – The coverage gives you peace of mind knowing that your identity is being monitored on a regular basis for potentially suspicious activity. Any changes in your regular activities will be reported immediately.
  • Business Income Interruption – If your business suffers a covered loss after which it is unable to operate for a certain period of time, the coverage will reimburse the income losses.

If your restaurant uses vehicles for business operations, for example, for food delivery purposes, look into Commercial Auto Insurance for food trucks, vans, pickup trucks, box trucks, and commercial trailers. Our licensed agents will help you customize your BOP to cover all of your restaurant’s unique risks and exposures as well as your general concerns as a business owner. Get in touch with us today to receive your insurance quote.

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