SR22 Insurance is a certificate filed with the state by your insurance carrier to verify your coverage. The filing of SR22 can happen after certain traffic violations, so if you have a clean driving record, you will not have to have an SR22 filing. There are several types of violations that can lead to SR22 filings, including multiple traffic law violations in succession within a few years, DUI, and getting into an accident without having Auto Insurance.

If you already have Auto Insurance coverage, the SR22 can simply be added to it, while if you do not have coverage, you will have to purchase both Auto Insurance and SR22. It can be expensive to purchase an Auto Insurance policy with an SR22 filing, and the high cost is a result of the traffic violation. Expect to have an increase in your current insurance premiums as well.

The amount of time you have to keep SR22 filings on your insurance depends on the decision of the judge, but on average it takes about three years before it can be removed from your record. Most insurance agencies will help you in purchasing SR22 insurance, but it will be easier for you to buy it from companies specializing in high risk Auto Insurance of from independent insurance agents.