Trucking Insurance

Protect your company with a trucking insurance policy. 

Commercial Trucking Insurance is specifically designed coverage for trucks. Unlike Commercial Auto Insurance, Trucking Insurance will protect your truck when it is used for business operations. Since businesses use vehicles for different purposes, your insurance policy has to be customized in order to meet the needs of your business. Moreover, your insurance coverage will differ whether you are an owner-operator or a business owner adding Trucking Insurance to his overall Business Insurance package.

Insurance providers working with truck business owner-operators offer Commercial Trucking Insurance for small and large fleets. Whether you are an entrepreneur with one truck or a company operating a fleet of trucks, your Truck Insurance will cover your vehicle and protect your investment. There are coverages available for all types of trucks, including semi-trucks, car haulers, two trucks, box trucks, dump trucks, flatbed trucks, delivery vans, step vans, long-haul trucks, motor carriers, tanker trucks, and many more.

trucking insurance

Every Trucking Insurance policy starts with coverages you can find in other Commercial Auto Insurance policies, such as Liability Insurance, Comprehensive and Collision coverage, Medical Payments, and Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance. In addition to these coverage options, you will have other coverages that will help address your specific needs and eliminate any gaps in coverage you may have.

Since Trucking Insurance companies offer many different customizable options for Trucking Insurance, it is best to compare quotes with the help of a licensed independent insurance agent. We at Team Insurance browse offers from multiple carriers nationwide to bring you only the best Trucking Insurance specifically designed for your business. Speak to one of our agents who can assess your business needs and insurance risks to get the best insurance that fits your budget.


Trucking Insurance Options:

Owner Operator Insurance

Whether you operate under your own authority or under a lease to a motor carrier, as an owner-operator, you need customized Trucking Insurance solutions to protect your business against risks and exposures. If you are working under a motor carrier, they most likely provide Primary Liability Insurance. However, there are other coverages you should also keep in mind, such as Physical Damage, Non-Trucking Liability, and Trailer Interchange coverages.

If you operate under your own authority, your Commercial Trucking Insurance package may include Liability Insurance, including Bodily Injury and Property Damage, Motor Truck General Liability, Motor Truck Cargo, and Physical Damage coverage. The costs of your insurance will depend on your business type, coverage needs, vehicle, location, driving record, and radius of operations.

Motor Carrier Insurance

Trucking is an expensive type of business, and you as a business owner want to make sure it is protected against a variety of risks and exposures. After all, your truck is your livelihood. That’s why we at Team Insurance strive to find the best insurance solutions amongst Motor Carrier and Cargo Insurance providers nationwide to be able to provide you with insurance solutions customized to meet the needs of your business. Choosing the right motor carrier and cargo coverage will be the most important investment for protecting your business and your assets.

While having the right motor carrier coverage is the right insurance choice for you as a business owner, you may also be required by law to have a certain amount of liability coverage as a part of Commercial Auto policy. You should also consider purchasing Commercial Liability coverage as a part of your insurance package. Speak with our experienced insurance agents today to learn more about your legal insurance requirements.

Things to Consider:

Mandatory insurance coverage required for motor carrier trucks includes:

  • Bodily Injury – If you are at fault in an accident, this coverage pays for the other person’s covered expenses, such as rehabilitation, medical payments, funeral costs, and others. In the event you are sued, this coverage also pays for your legal expenses.  
  • Property Damage – If you damage another person’s property in a covered accident, this coverage pays for expenses needed to repair, replace, or purchase a new property. In the event you are sued, this coverage also pays for your legal expenses.  

Private Carrier Insurance

Private carriers are responsible for hauling goods in their own trucks for their employers or companies. Trucking Insurance solutions for private carriers are suitable for any industry, including construction, manufacturing, excavation, and any other capacity.

Some of the private Trucking Insurance coverages you might look at are Liability Insurance, including Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Medical Payments, and Physical Damage, such as Comprehensive, Collision, and Fire and Theft Insurance. To combine the right solutions into one comprehensive insurance policy, consult our independent agents at Team Insurance who will build a customized policy to match your specific needs.

Semi-Truck Insurance

Semi-trucks are highly useful for transporting goods across the state lines. If you are an owner-operator in a trucking business, you understand that when you are on the road, your semi-truck is exposed to many insurance risks. Accidents involving large semi-trucks are extremely dangerous. That is why choosing a comprehensive Trucking Insurance policy is necessary for you to protect yourself, your vehicle, and other drivers on the road.

In the event your semi-truck is involved in an accident, Semi-Truck Insurance will protect your investment against costly personal injury and property damage lawsuits. You are required by the law to carry a minimum of Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance, but it is best to choose a policy with higher liability limits in order to safeguard your business.

Apart from liability coverage, semi-truck owners-operators will benefit from additional coverage options, including Physical Damage to protect your truck in the event of a collision, Medical Payments to cover any medical costs if a passenger is injured in an accident, and Motor Truck Cargo Insurance to pay for the lost or damaged cargo.

For owner-operators under a permanent lease to a motor carrier, the cost of Semi-Truck Insurance ranges between $3,000 and $5,000 per year. For owner-operators with their own authority, the insurance costs can reach $9,000 to $12,000 per truck per year. Depending on your individual needs and the kind of truck you drive, choose additional coverages for your semi-truck. Other additional coverages include Non-Trucking Liability Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance, Bobtail Insurance, and Non-Owned Trailer Coverage.

Car Hauler Insurance

Car hauler businesses provide services for individual customers, dealerships, auto wholesalers, and other automotive companies. Often hauling expensive vehicles for many miles, such businesses can face many risks when on the road, including damage to the cars in tow, accidents, or theft. Getting more knowledge about the right type of Trucking Insurance for car haulers is the best way to protect your company against risks and exposures on the road.

To keep your cargo and other drivers on the road safe, your business should employ only skilled and experienced professionals. Moreover, because car haulers often have to tow their cargo for long distances, they are at risks for truck-and-trailer related accidents. Accidents involving large vehicles can cause serious damages to people and property, so keep in mind the safety and liability questions and protect yourself with the right type of Trucking Insurance.

Car manufacturers that ship cars from factories to dealerships, towing companies that use flatbed trailers to move cars, and auto repair shops that pick up and deliver cars all need Car Hauler Insurance. When you are purchasing insurance coverage, you are protecting yourself, your vehicles and employees from dramatic losses. Apart from Commercial Auto Insurance which offers Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, and Medical Payments coverages, consider car hauler-specific additions.

Some coverages to keep in mind include Garagekeeper’s Legal Liability, if you store vehicles you haul, Cargo Insurance to protect the vehicles while transporting, and On Hook coverage, to protect the vehicles while being towed. Especially if you are adding endorsements to your policy, Car Hauler Insurance coverage is rather expensive, mostly because of the added liability of cars you are transporting. Consult a licensed independent agent at Team Insurance for more information on coverages and pricing.

How to Save on Trucking Insurance?

The cost of your Trucking Insurance depends on many factors, including the type and cost of your truck, the type of goods you haul, the distance you drive, your driving record, your credit score, and your insurance premium payment plan. Because there are so many factors at play, there are also several ways how you can save on your Trucking Insurance.

Maintain a good driving history

Insurance companies trust drivers with a clean driving record. Whether you are an operator of a single truck or an owner of a large fleet of trucks, maintaining good driving history might just land you a good discount on your Trucking Insurance.

Pay your premiums in full

Trucking Insurance is expensive, so it is not common to pay the price of premiums in full, and many owner-operators choose monthly payments instead. However, like with many other insurance policies, paying the cost of your Trucking Insurance in full can help you save.  

Opt for a higher deductible

Going for a higher deductible is a difficult choice to make because while you save on insurance premiums, you might end up paying more out-of-pocket in the event of an accident. If you are ready to take such a responsibility, a higher deductible will give you a lower insurance cost.

Shop around

Since there are so many factors insurance carriers consider to determine your Trucking Insurance costs, it is wise to review offers from multiple providers before making the final decision. By working with a licensed independent agent at Team Insurance, you can receive a customized insurance policy tailored to meet your business needs. Our professional browse quotes from most reputable insurance carriers across the US to bring you the best Trucking Insurance.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Motor Truck General Liability

General Liability coverage will protect you in the event you are at fault in an accident resulting in bodily injury, property damage, or advertising or personal injury. The policy will pay for your legal defense and related costs.  

Non-Trucking Liability

If an owner-operator is under a permanent lease to an ICC regulated carries, this coverage will provide protection for the insured when they are not on dispatch or pulling a loaded trailer.

Motor Truck Cargo

The coverage offers protection to the carrier in the event the goods they haul are lost or damaged. Your insurance carrier will estimate the costs of the policy based on the type of cargo you haul.

Physical Damage

This coverage protects your truck or trailer in the event of an accident such as collision, theft, vandalism, fire, flood, hail, or storm. In the event of a covered claim, the policy will pay the costs for repair or replacement in case of damages.

Workers Compensation

In the event one of your employees is injured on the job, the policy will pay for the costs of medical expenses and rehabilitation of the injured employee.

Additional Truck-Specific Coverage:

Roadside Assistance

If your truck breaks down in the road and needs to be towed or provided roadside assistance, the policy will pay for the costs of towing to a repair facility or labor charges for roadside assistance.

Rental Reimbursement with Downtime

In the event your truck becomes inoperable as a result of a covered accident, the policy will reimburse you for a rental vehicle, subject to policy limits.

Trailer Interchange

Coverage specific for truckers provides protection in the event non-owned trailers or equipment in their possession are lost or damaged. The insured has to carry a written trailer interchange agreement.

Gap Insurance

In the event of a total loss as a result of a collision, the policy will pay for the difference in the market value and a loan payoff.