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Your business is your greatest investment, which needs to be protected by a good Business Insurance policy. We at Team Insurance recognize the importance of having the right coverage for your business to make sure that your employees and your enterprise are protected with workers compensation insurance.

We take pride in our extensive knowledge of the various types of insurance policies and work with multiple carriers nationwide to deliver the best insurance solutions for your business needs. Recognizing specific risk exposures that you can encounter as a business owner is the first step to choosing the insurance policies for your business. One particular exposure that requires your attention is Workers Compensation.

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Things to Consider:

Workers Compensation Insurance works in the event your employee is injured and helps get the worker back on track as soon as possible. The fact that your business has Workers Compensation gives your employees a peace of mind knowing that if an accident happens to them at the workplace, they will receive medical help without paying for it out of pocket.

The current Kansas laws require all employers to have Workers Compensation, except for some agricultural pursuits or employers with a gross annual payroll of $20,000 and under. The laws help to make sure the employer pays a part of the cost of employees’ injuries or occupational diseases that occurred at work. The employer pays the insurance premiums for Workers Compensation, while insurance company pays the claims resulting from injuries or accidents at the workplace.

Workers Compensation Insurance will pay for the medical treatment of an injured employee, replace part of lost wages if the injury requires the employee to request time off work, and protect your business and your assets. Typically, Workers’ Compensation covers illnesses or injuries when they happen while at work or as a result of performing duties at work. Examples of such injuries include slipping on an oily or wet surface, injuries from lifting heavy equipment, or injuries due to explosions or fire.

As a business owner, you are required to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, but that does not mean that the basic coverage is suitable for you. You need coverage tailored to your particular business needs by the expert insurance agents here at Team Insurance. The best Workers’ Compensation Insurance policies will provide coverage for:

  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation Costs
  • Medical payments
  • Death benefits

Regardless of the number of employees you have or whether your state requires your business to have Workers’ Compensation Insurance, it will be a good idea to consider purchasing it. Liability claims for serious employee injuries may cost a small business a fortune it cannot afford. Paying premiums for Workers’ Compensation coverage protects you from such risks.

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