Mobile Home Insurance

Protect your mobile home with a policy from Team Insurance

For families who want to become homeowners, but do not have the financial ability to purchase a house, a mobile home can be a great option. Very often, these offer similar benefits to ownership of a single-family home, while being more cost-efficient.

Your mobile home is likely your most valuable asset, even if you did not spend several yearly salaries to pay for it. That’s why we at Team Insurance help you to discover the perfect Insurance policy to protect your mobile home and your possessions. Making sure your home is protected in the event of an accident or disaster will give you a piece of mind that you will be reimbursed for your losses.

mobile home insurance

Things to Consider:

Since mobile homes are transportable and designed differently than regular houses, they require a different type of coverage than a classic Homeowners Insurance policy. Contact our licensed agents to learn about the differences between the policies and your options for coverage.

We will help you to arrange the protection for your home fully customized according to your needs. Start with the basics and make sure your mobile home is covered, along with the attached property, including carports, porches, gazebos, and garages. Some policies will include personal property and liability coverage in the basic plans.

You can always include additional protection and customize your Mobile Home Insurance policy according to your needs and your budget choosing from a variety of payment options and deductibles.

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Popular Coverage Options:

Protection for Your Mobile Home

Mobile Home Coverage protects your home and attached structures, such as deck, carport, and garage. You can choose between receiving a replacement in the event of an accident or actual cash value.

Protection for Your Personal Property

Protect your possessions with Personal Property Coverage. Works anywhere in the world.

Medical Payments

The policy will pay for medical expenses if somebody is injured at your property.

Personal Liability

In the event you are sued, Personal Liability Coverage will pay the costs of lawsuits and related expenses.

Protection for Other Structures

The structures that are not attached to your mobile home can be covered by the insurance policy. For example, a shed, pole barn, or detached garage can be covered, too.

Additional Living Expenses

If you cannot remain in your home after a covered loss, the policy will pay for your temporary housing expenses.