Motorcycle Insurance

Team Insurance makes choosing Motorcycle Insurance easier than choosing the motorcycle itself

Whether you are a newbie, adventure rider, hardcore motorcyclist, cruiser, or moto enthusiast, you need to make sure that you have the best insurance policy to cover yourself, your bike, and related accessories. Most motorcycle owners customize their policies to meet their personal requirements and financial situation.

Team Insurance works with multiple carriers nationwide to make sure we can find perfect coverage for your type of motorcycle and tailor it to your needs. Motorcycle Insurance covers costs for collision damage, medical payments, covered natural disaster damage, theft, and other accidents. Our experts will help you in choosing the right policy from the most reliable carriers who will be there when you need them.


Things to Consider:

If you enroll in multiple insurance policies through our company, you may qualify for a discount. Contact our experts to discover the different policy options and bundling opportunities. We provide exceptional customer service and will be there for you if you have a question or need our help.

Even if you have been a motorcycle owner for many years, you should purchase a new policy or review your existing policy to see if it meets current requirements and if an update needs to take place.

Just like with auto insurance, motorcycle insurance offers differ depending on the state. In the state of Kansas, it is required by law for motorcyclist to have the following minimum coverages:

Liability Insurance (Bodily Injury and Property Damage) – if you are at fault in an accident, this coverage pays for the other person’s covered expenses, such as rehabilitation, medical payments, funeral costs, and others. If you damage someone’s property, the coverage will pay for expenses needed to repair, rebuild, or purchase new property. In the event you are sued, this coverage also pays for your legal expenses.  

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Protection – both of these coverage options protect you and a passenger riding with you in the event of a covered accident, if the damage to you and your motorcycle is done by a rider with no insurance at all or without enough insurance to cover your medical expenses. In this case, the policy pays for the damages to your motorcycle, medical payments, and other losses resulting from a covered accident.

Get in Contact:

You might have questions regarding the legal requirements and additional coverage options. Contact our insurance specialists who will help you to select the most appropriate policy.

Get in touch with us today to receive your fully customized insurance quote. Discover the various coverage options and see how we can make a difference in your life!

Additional Coverage Options:


If a covered accident happens such that you hit another motorcycle, the policy will pay the costs to repair your motorcycle.


The policy pays for the damages caused by accidents other that collision, including natural disasters, falling objects, theft, and collision with animals.

Medical Payments

No matter which rider is at fault, the policy will pay for medical expenses for you and your passenger.

Additional Living Expenses

If you cannot remain in your home after a covered loss, the policy will pay for your temporary housing expenses.