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The financial environment nowadays changes very fast, and it is very important to ensure protection for your loved ones in the event something happens to you. That’s why we at Team Insurance work with multiple carriers nationwide to deliver you the best insurance solutions tailored to your individual needs. As you look toward the future, Universal Life Insurance can be a reliable yet flexible solution for your insurance needs.

As with Whole Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance is also a type of permanent life insurance policy. If you are interested in securing your financial stability for a particular period of time, you might want to look at Term Life Insurance solutions. Speak to our experienced agents to select the right policy based on your individual needs.

Universal life insurance

Things to Consider:

Universal Life Insurance is more flexible than whole Life Insurance. While offering protection for life, it also has specific features designed for flexibility as your needs may change over the years. Premiums and death benefits are flexible, and you can increase or decrease benefits as needed, which will also lead to the changes in your premiums. The available policies will set a minimum and maximum amount for the premium payments, although from there you have the freedom to adjust the policy as needed.

With Universal Life Insurance, you also have access to the cash value of your policy, and in case of a financial need, you can take a loan and pay it back with moderate interest. The death benefits are federal and state income tax-free for your beneficiaries. Moreover, you can customize your policy with optional features, such as Spouse Rider or Child Rider, which will allow you to insure your spouse and/or your children on the same policy.

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With different life insurance policies available, it can be overwhelming to choose the policy on your own. Get in touch with us today to receive your fully customized insurance quote. Discover the different coverage options and see how we can make a difference in your life!

Popular Coverage Options:

Indexed Universal Life

The policy tracks the performance of market indexes and calculates the interest credited to the insurance policy. With this, you receive the opportunity to potentially accumulate additional cash value. The insurance plan is fixed, meaning that you do not actually invest insurance money in the market, thus you will not lose it because of the market fluctuations either.

Current Assumption Universal Life

This policy will be suitable for you if you are looking for financial flexibility. It is perfect for funding retirement or education. Current Assumption Universal Life Insurance policy emphasizes low risk and conservative growth.

No-Lapse Guarantee Universal Life

The policy’s main element of concern is the death benefit. No matter how long you live, if you pay the insurance premiums for the duration of the policy, the insurance guarantees the death benefit.

Survivorship Universal Life

The policy covers two people, who can be business partners or spouses. It will be a suitable policy for those in relationship or partnership where one person is in poor health. After the passing of second insurance person, the first insured person receives the death benefit.