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Just like an umbrella protects you from unexpected rain, umbrella insurance protects you from the unexpected payments not covered by other insurance policies you have. Your Auto Insurance and Home Insurance, as well as other policies that cover homes or vehicles, offer personal liability and bodily injury coverage up to a certain amount, but what if you are sued for $1 million if your home or auto policy covers only $300,000? You will have to pay the rest. That’s why you need an Umbrella Insurance that will protect you from unnecessary spending.

Liability issues are very common, and somebody can present you with a lawsuit you did not expect. Umbrella policy protects you in the event you exceed liability coverage in an accident. Consider this: if your Motorcycle Insurance only covers property damage and bodily injury, umbrella insurance will keep protecting you in the events not listed under common liability coverages.

umbrella insurance

Things to Consider:

Different types of insurance policies cover different situations, and liability issues can be covered differently depending on the insurance line. What if an accident happens such that you end up liable for much more than your existing policy can cover? Accidents like this are very rare, but you can never be too careful. Contact our experienced agents who will help you in choosing your Umbrella Insurance policy fully customized according to your needs.

We at Team Insurance work with multiple carriers nationwide to deliver you comprehensive and affordable protection. These Insurance policies are available at low cost, but they provide enough coverage for you to never worry about liability issues. You can purchase umbrella insurance if you already have a home or auto insurance policy.

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Discover Common Coverage Options

Liability Protection

Umbrella Insurance policies offer coverage limits up to $5 million. That extends well beyond your home and auto insurance coverage.

Personal Injury Protection

The policy protects you in the event of a lawsuit or claims against you, such as slander, libel, mental anguish, false arrest, invasion of privacy, wrongful eviction, false imprisonment, and defamation of character.

Vacation Rental Liability

Your Insurance will provide coverage for rentals, such as scooters, jet skis, boats, and other.

Worldwide Coverage

In case a loss occurred outside of the country, the policy provides coverage. While your Auto Insurance policy might not offer coverage if you rent a vehicle abroad and get into an accident, the personal umbrella insurance will protect you.  

Legal Defense

Attorneys’ fees and other legal costs will be covered in the event of a lawsuit.