Vacant Home Insurance

Whatever the cause is for your vacant home, Team Insurance has the right policy for you.

Ever wondered, when do insurance companies consider a home vacant? Here is the answer: when you leave your home for 30 or more days, it may be considered “unoccupied” or “vacant.” If you remain outside of your home for weeks, your Homeowner’s Insurance can potentially be voided. Moreover, it is way more difficult to find a Vacant Home Insurance compared to usual homeowner’s policies, because vacant property is more at risk for theft, vandalism, weather damage, fire, and other perils. If you already have a homeowner’s insurance policy, make sure to speak with your provider before leaving your home for extended time. If you are looking for vacant property insurance, Team Insurance is an independent insurance agency specializing in vacant house insurance that can assist you with finding the best rates on vacant land insurance by browsing the quotes from the most reputable agencies across the country. Contact Team Insurance for a quote on the homeowner’s insurance for vacant house.  

vacant home insurance

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If your home is vacant for more than a month, your homeowner’s insurance may not provide coverage for the losses that occur during the time when your house is vacant. Our licensed agents at Team Insurance will find out which insurance company has the best rates for vacant home policies.