Choosing the Right Insurance Broker for You

Finding the right insurance coverage for your personal or business needs can be overwhelming on your own. However, you can always reach out to a licensed independent insurance agency and receive professional help in choosing a good insurance policy. An independent agent will review the insurance rates across multiple insurance carriers and will determine the best fit for your individual needs. If you still think that looking for insurance by yourself is the way to go, here are some reasons why you should work with an independent agent instead.

Knowledge and Professionalism

When you are looking for an expert advice, you reach out to the expert in a particular field. For example, if you get sick, you go to a doctor, and if you require legal advice, you seek a lawyer. It makes sense to look for expert advice while shopping for insurance from the professionals in insurance sphere, insurance agents. Independent agents are industry professionals with many years of experience. They work with multiple insurance carriers and are able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each carrier’s policies. An independent agent will help you to choose the insurance carrier based on what matters to you the most, be it company’s rates, customer service or financial stability.

Customer Service

In case you need to speak to a representative about your coverage or claim reporting, you would not want to listen to automated messages when calling your insurance provider. Instead, you would want to speak to a real person. Many insurance companies have switched to automatic recordings for phone communications, and it may take a while before you will be redirected to an agent. However, independent agencies rely on actual people to greet and assist you. In the event you need to report a claim, your independent agent will explain your coverage and walk you through the process. Independent agents understand how complicated shopping for insurance may seem, so they work directly with you to ensure you fully understand your coverage, deductibles, limits, and claim process. The agents will be there for you year-round to answer your questions and make recommendations for coverage.

Local Knowledge

One important thing in shopping for insurance through an independent agency is local knowledge of the agents. As a local resident, your insurance agent has lived in the area for years and can give you valuable advice for protecting yourself and your assets. Many local independent agents will provide you with seasonal tips to minimize your risks and other advice related to shopping for insurance in your area.

Personal Shopper

If you ever worked with a real estate agent, you understand how they sort through multiple properties to find your perfect home. In a similar fashion, your independent insurance agent sorts through multiple insurance carriers to find you the perfect policy for your individual needs. Independent agents do not charge you for their services, so assistance with your coverage needs and claim reporting, as well as expert advice on any questions you might have, comes at no additional cost to you.

Working with independent agent has many benefits, but most importantly, it will give you a peace of mind knowing that you will receive the best available coverage at the rates you can afford. Our licensed insurance agents at Team Insurance excel in customer service. We are always there to give you expert advice and answer any questions you might have about your coverage or claims. Team Insurance is the independent agency you can trust and rely on.


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