A number of reputable insurance companies, such as Farmer’s or State Farm advertise their services across multiple media channels where they encourage individuals to purchase their services to receive the best insurance rates and the best coverage compared to other carriers. Having watched their advertisement on television or having heard it on the radio, customers tend to believe that these companies are really their best options for coverage and that there is no need for further research. However, there is something these companies are not telling their customers, which is that their premiums are actually higher compared to many other companies, as the costs they spend on advertising their services are extended toward their clients and included in their insurance premiums.

On the other hand, companies like Safeco or Auto-Owner’s Insurance sell their policies only through independent insurance agencies like Team Insurance. By doing so, these reputable carriers save billions of dollars on advertising expenses and this way are able to provide their customers with the most competitive rates while providing equal, if not better, insurance coverage than Farmer’s or State Farm. Contact our licensed agents at Team Insurance who will browse quotes from multiple insurance providers across the US to find the most appropriate coverage and the lowest rate at no cost to you.