Your insurance policies, be it Auto Insurance, Homeowner’s Insurance, or other type of polices, are sold through different means. You can buy insurance directly from the carrier or use the services of independent agents or captive agents. Independent agents provide you with different insurance options since they have the ability to source the insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers they are contracted with.

The major benefit of looking for insurance through an independent agent is their ability to deliver quotes from several insurance carriers quickly and efficiently. Independent agents can check several companies’ rates at the same time, which is very useful when you are shopping for insurance. Collecting the rates from multiple companies helps you to make sure that you and your family get the best rate on the market. Moreover, you will need to enter your information only once, but the search will apply to multiple carriers.

Your independent agent will answer your questions and address any doubts you may have. Working with an agent gives you an opportunity to build a long-lasting relationship, and if you ever end up having an increase in your insurance rates, the agent can assist you and find lower rates from a different carrier. You do not have to pay higher premiums just because you would like to remain with the same agent; with independent agents, it will never be an issue.

Independent insurance agents do not work for any insurance company. In fact, they work for you. They are there to provide you with valuable unbiased advice and discover the insurance solutions suitable for your needs. Here, at Team Insurance, personalized customer service is at the top of our priority list, and our agents will be happy to give you expert advice before filing your insurance claim.

We work independently to deliver you the best rates on insurance. Working with multiple insurance carriers nationwide gives us the ability to quickly relay to you the quotes from several providers at once. Our agents are knowledgeable and proactive, and they will save you a lot of time and money when you are shopping for insurance. Speak with our licensed representative today and receive a personalized insurance quote.


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