Trees and shrubs that start growing out of your control can cause damage to your house. During winter storms, rain and wind rub the shrubs against the side and can damage the side along with windows and screens. Moreover, shrubs attract insects that can try to get into your house using the trees’ close proximity. Overgrown vegetation contains more pests than a well-trimmed shrub, so keeping the bushes trimmed is required if you do not want to deal with pest infestation serious enough to have to call a professional.

It is easy to have the bushes trimmed and make them neat even if you have left them alone for a while. People generally recommend trimming the bushes from 6 inches to 3 feet away from your home. It is better to have more distance between the trees and your house because windows and walls have cracks where insects can get inside your home. If you have already had a problem with pests in your home, make sure the plants, trees, and shrubs are trimmed at least 2 feet away from your home, even at the roof level.

Trimming your vegetation is easy using the power trimmer you can find in a hardware store. Begin with cutting away any dead branches. Cut above the “branch collar”, which is a bump between the branch and the main trunk. By doing this, you give the branch a chance to recover and grow back. After you have cut smaller branches, proceed by cutting larger ones. If there is a lot of vegetation around your house, use professional services to have the trimming done.

Put thought into the outside of your home in order to keep it neat and pest-free. You can regularly trim the trees and shrubs on your own or you can call a professional to do the work for you. In any case, trimmed vegetation is necessary to keep your home in good shape.